About Honey East

Learn more about us, our group, our values and activities.

The Honey East Core Group brings together beekeepers from the Bregalnica region and this is the only association in the country with a sustainable concept in beekeeping with the application of modern biotechnical methods for bee diseases treatments.

The goal of the Core Group members is to promote and practice sustainable use of natural resources, the application of biotechnical methods and to ensure good quality and safe bee products.

The honey and the other bee products of the Honey East core group members are derived from the autochthonous Macedonian bee Apis mellifera macedonica, which collects the nectar in the picturesque mountain landscape in the Bregalnica region, Osogovo, Malesh, Plachkovica…

The Honey East Core Group was established as part of the Nature Conservation Programme (NCP) in North Macedonia, a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), coordinated by Farmahem, Skopje.

About our values:

Caring for the environment and biodiversity

With the application of sustainable beekeeping practices in our Core Group, based on scientific and applicative research, we contribute directly to the conservation of biodiversity as well as sustainable use of natural resources in the Bregalnica region.

Biotechnical methods in sustainable beekeeping replace the common beekeeping practice of applying synthetic chemicals, which negatively affect bees, nature and consumers.

We produce safe, good quality and certified honey and other bee products

The honey and the other bee products are made with particular care for the health of the honey bee colonies, with the application of biotechnical methods, without the use of synthetic chemicals. This method ensures that the bee products are safe and of good quality for the consumers.

The product quality is guaranteed with the quality control system and the monitoring of beekeeping practices and the quality of bee products.

Our website takes you on a virtual tour of our apiaries where the honey is harvested.

Support for the socio-economic development of rural areas

The Core Group Honey East’s activities to educate and inform the rural population about the integration of sustainable beekeeping methods create opportunities for added values of honey bee products. This leads to beekeeping growing into a serious business activity and a source of additional income for rural households, particularly with the engagement of young people and women as vulnerable groups in the community. The core group’s objective is to create added value through sustainable beekeeping and development of products, so that young beekeepers can increase the economic profit. Thus young people have fewer reasons to leave the country and have greater hopes for their future and prospects in the region.

All of this will contribute to the preservation of rural ambience and social values, and improve the lives in small towns, as well as decrease the mass migration from the region.